Corporate Culture

All Temas members believe and implement 6 cultural values. They are: RESPONSIBILITY, CREATIVITY, SPEED AND FLEXIBILITY, SHARING, RESPECT, FRIENDLINESS.

20 Apr 2021
Corporate Culture

On April 5th, 2021, we officially issued the Temas Corporate Culture including 6 cutural values and 18 behaviors/attitudes and standards.

  • Temas Corporate culture is created from 3 core values: Creativity- Sharing - Commitment.
  • Temas Corporate culture is created from ideas and wishes of all employees which represents for people, personalities and strengths of  Temas members.



We are always responsible for ourselves, work and community.

  • Ready to handle any tasks, not afraid of difficulties
  • Always on time
  • Be honest and quickly admit mistakes


We always share with our colleagues and community with practical actions.

  • Double help and sharing
  • Share with community
  • We Learn-We Share, learn from smallest thing      


We always tend to creativity, improvement for better.

  • Slight changes can make great values
  • Continuous improvement
  • New ideas always be prioritized and ready to experiment                                                                              


We always respect our colleagues, customers; respect products and company property.

  • Respect people (work, oppinion, hobby,..)
  • Products and company property must be protected
  • All customers need to be taken care


We act quickly and flexibly to seize the oppotunities.

  • Always have at least 2 solutions
  • Instant interaction, feedback with deadline within maximum 12 hours
  • Maximum empowerment according to capacity, promote initiative


Together, we build a friendly working environment.

  • Always actively participate in all company activities
  • Always complement good actions, results and give sincere feedback to any fault
  • Always say "Hello", "Thank you" and smile

We believe that these cutural values will help Temas spread positve energy, contribute to creating a civilized and progressive society.

Last modified on: 15 Apr 2022

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