Product Categories

Industrial desktop robots, Cartesian robot, Scara robot, 6-axis robots and collaborative robot with outstanding advantages: Friendly, durable and high-precision,... thereby providing solutions to improve productivity, reduce error rates, save time and optimize costs.
Track and identify products through each stage of the production, processing and distribution process with TEMAS's total traceability solution
Equipment and solutions for measuring forces, weight, torque,... meet industry 4.0 trends with great advantages in data management, system connection, easy to set up as well as energy saving.
Pneumatic, mechanical, control & automation components and other equipment serving in industrial production lines.
Apply advanced technology to provide optimal solutions for each application. The automation system integrates at a high level, operates accurately, durably and stably.
With long experience in the field of automation, Temas has invested in research and development to create optimal products and suitable for industrial applications.
Vertical smart warehouse system. Ideal solution for warehouse automation with great advantages of saving space, reducing labor, security, energy saving, improving efficiency in warehouse management.
Applying advanced technology from Japan, the products of Airshower, FFU, Clean Bench, BSC,... bringing high performance, meeting the needs of clean-rooms in manufacturing plants as well as laboratories.