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Warehouse automation for the Automotive industry: Subaru

Subaru of New England is the independent distributor for Subaru cars and spare parts, for the 6 New England states. The company was founded in 1971 by Ernie Bock Sr. Today is led by his son Ernie Boch Jr., as CEO. In 2014, Subaru of New England built a new 15,300 m² facility in Norwood, Massachusetts, which is the head office, as well as being a training and distribution center. The building is certified LEED Platinum, from the U.S. The Green Building Council includes an 8800 m² warehouse that is 42% larger than that of the previous office, thus allowing storage and distribution growth.

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ONCHI SHOKUHIN uses the Intelligent Assist Balancer, Moon Lifter, for the work of stacking containers containing products on a trolley after packing the log, which is the final process of manufacturing.

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Warehouse automation for the Electrical industry: Siemens

Siemens India, a subsidiary of the global electronics giant, is one of the most important companies in the sector and boasts the highest quality standards. Siemens India has more than 16,000 employees and a turnover of 108,089 million across 21 factories. In the Goa plant, the factory was equipped with cutting-edge technologies to produce pneumatic and hydraulic products and devices.

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Warehouse automation for the Mechanical industry: CMS Group

The CMS Group was founded in 1975 and operates in the field of mechanical construction and processing for third parties. Currently it is made up of 7 companies and 14 plants located between Marano sul Panaro, Vignola and Modena and since 2013 it is present with a production plant in China.

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Warehouse automation for the Plastic industry: LAV.EL. Gomma

Founded by the Lavelli brothers in 1973, LAV.EL. Gomma produces industrial rubber gaskets for water, gas and air, managing all aspects of its activities in-house. The use of advanced technology equipment, including horizontal injection presses and vertical compression presses, and finishing and quality control equipment, enables the production of type-approved rubber products, including Orings, membranes, frames and washers.

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