Bộ hiển thị khối lượng - F159

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Bộ hiển thị khối lượng cho OMRON SYSMAC CJ1/CJ2/NJ: F159
Nhà sản xuất: Unipulse - Nhật Bản.

Tài liệu tham khảo: F159 weighing indicator.pdf
* Kết nối trực tiếp vào OMROM SYSMAC CJ1/CJ2/NJ bus
* Kết nối không cần hàn giữa CJ1/CJ2/NJ và F159
* Thời gian phất triển hệ thống giảm và vận hành quản lý thay đổi và bảo dưỡng dễ dàng
* Chức năng cân liên tục thuận tiện cho ứng dụng cân tự động
* Bộ chuyển đổi A/D tốc độ cao và khả năng xử lý số mạnh mẽ 500 lần/giây



Loadcell cabling6-wire input (+EXC, +S, -S, -EXC, SHIELD, +SIG, -SIG), remote sensing
Excitation voltage10VDC±5%, source current max.120 mA (up to four 350 load cells can be connected in parallel)
Zero adjustment0 - 2mV/V 
Coarse: Digital control using the coarse adjustment circuit 
Fine: Automatic adjustment using digital calculation
Span adjustment0.3 - 3.2mV/V 
Coarse: Digital control using the coarse adjustment circuit 
Fine: Automatic adjustment using digital calculation
Min. sensitivity0.3μV/count
AccuracyNon-linearity: within 0.01% FS (Typ. 0.005% FS, room temperature) 
Zero drift: within 0.2μV/℃ RTI Typ. 0.15μV/℃
Gain drift: within 15ppm/℃ (Typ. 5 ppm/)
Analog filterBessel type low-pass filter (-12dB/oct) 
Cut off frequency selectable from 2, 4, 6, 8 Hz
A/D converter⊿∑ method converter
conversion rate: 500times/sec.
resolution: 24 bit (binary)
Display resolution1/10000(1/4 scale division enabled)
1/40000 (1/4 scale division disabled)
Front panel
  • RUN :
  • Turns on when Normal operation
  • ERC,ERH :
  • Turns on when an error in initial settings, CPU related error, and unit error is detected (compliant to CJ1/CJ2/NJ specification).
  • WERR :
  • Turns on when Weight Error status turns ON.
  • OUT1 :
  • OUT1 status turns ON.
  • OUT2 :
  • OUT2 status turns ON.
Terminal layout
Unit No. rotary switchSelects a unit number for the high performance I/O unit: 0-95
DIP switchLock function
Set value
  • Set value :
  • Imported from CJ1/CJ2/NJ
  • Set value storage :
  • Initial values NOV RAM (non-volatile RAM)
  • Set value protection :
  • Modification of set values can be inhibited to protect them from accidental change (LOCK)
Setting item・Upper limit / Lower limit / Near zero / SP1 / SP2 / FF CPS. / Over / Under / Final / Tare
・Comparison inhibit time / Compare time / Complete output time / Auto jog timer / Auto zero times / Judging times / FF CPS. regulation / Weighing function 1 (Weighing mode, Over/Under comparison, Upper/Lower limit comparison, Near zero comparison) / Weighing function 2 (Over/Under comparison mode, Upper/Lower limit comparison mode, Complete Signal Output mode, Sign convention for discharge control) / Weighing function 3 (FF CPS. coefficient, FF CPS., Average count of FF CPS., Digital tare subtraction)/ Output selection (OUT1 selection, OUT2 selection) / Restriction on the tare subtraction / Sequence mode (Mode selection, Auto jog, At start NZ confirmation, At start weight value confirmation)/ Motion detection (period, range) / Zero tracking ( period) / Zero tracking (range) / Filter (Analog filter, Digital filter) / Stable mode (Digital filter 2, Motion detection mode ) / Function selection (Decimal place, 1/4 scale division) / Balance weight / Capacity / Minimum scale division / Net Over / Gross Over / DZ regulation / Gravitational acceleration (Area number) / Gravitational acceleration (Acceleration) 
・Zero calibration / Span calibration / Tare subtraction / Tare subtraction reset / Digital Zero / Digital Zero reset
Power consumption350 load cell: Approx. 300 mA (single load cell) - Approx. 700 mA (four cells in parallel)
EnvironmentTemperature: Operational 0℃ - +55℃ (accuracy compensation applicable: 0℃ - +40℃) Storage: -20℃ - +75℃
Humidity:90%RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions31 (W)×90 (H)×65 (D) mm (protrusions excluded)
Operation manual1