Bộ hiển thị khối lượng - F600AT

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Bộ hiển thị khối lượng với giao diện đồ họa/màn hình cảm ứng: F600AT
Nhà sản xuất: Unipulse - Nhật Bản.

Tài liệu tham khảo: F600AT weighing indicator.pdf
* Ứng dụng màn hình cảm ứng ,màu tinh thể lỏng 
* Chức năng hiển thị hình họa mà hiển thị sự dao động của khối lượng hiển thị lên dạng sóng hiển thị
* Bộ chuyển đổi A/D tốc độ cao và khả năng xử lý số mạnh mẽ 100 lần/giây
* Bộ nhớ mã cho 8 loại công thức mẻ cân
* Nhiều giao thức tùy chọn có sẵn



Excitation voltage10V DC ±5%, Output current: within 120mA, Remote sense type (Up to 4 loadcells at 350Ω are operable)
Signal input range-0.2 - 3.0mV/V
Zero adjustment range-0.2 - 3.0mV/V Performed by digital computation
Gain adjustment rangePerformed by digital computation
AccuracyNon-linearity: within 0.02% FS±1 digit (at 3mV/V input) 
Zero drift: within 0.25μV/°CRTI
Gain drift: within 25 ppm/°C
A/D converterSpeed: 100 times/sec
Resolution: 24 bit (binary)
Analog filterBessel low-pass filter (-12dB/oct.) selectable from 2, 4, 6, 8 Hz
Secondary calibrationEquivalent input calibration method that allows calibration by simply key-inputting the rated value of a sensor without applying an actual load; Min. calibration resolution at secondary calibration (1/1000 at room temperature)
Setting method・ Set by touch panel operation
Memory of set values・ Initial values : NOV RAM (nonvolatile RAM)
・ Other values : Lithium-battery-backed-up C-MOS RAM (The memory life is approx. 7 years or more, which varies depending on the operating conditions and storage environment.)
Crucial setting values: (calibration, comparison, operational setting, etc.): NOV RAM (Non-volatile RAM)
Protection of set valuesSetting operation can be prohibited to prevent changes by misoperation. (LOCK1, LOCK2)
Setting item・ EACH CODE (Comparison mode: HI-LO COMP)…HH, HI, LO, LL
・ EACH CODE (Comparison mode: DIS)…FINAL, SP1, SP2, CPS, AFFC, OVER/HI (selectable depending on setting), UNDER/LO (selectable depending on setting)
・ COMPARISON…Comp Mode Selection, Comp. Inhibit Time, Judging Time, Complete Output Time, AFFC, Cps. Coefficient, Avg. Count of AFFC, Discharge Control Mode, Complete Signal Out, Over/under Comparison, Hi/lo Comparison Selection, Near Zero Comparison, Preset Tare Weight 1, Near Zero, Preset Tare Weight 2
・ Operation…Digital Filter, Analog Filter, MD (Period), MD (Range), Display Freq., ZT (Period), ZT (Range), Indicate Color, Back Light, Display Select, Hi/lo Output Selection, Lock1, Lock2
・ Graph…Ggraphic Mode, Trigger Level, X End Point, Y Start Point, Y End Point, Drawing Weight
・ System…Initialization, Self check, Password, Language, Key Valid/invalid, B4 Function Selection
・calibration…Zero Calibration, Span Calibration, Equiv. Input Calibration, Balance Weight, Min. Scale Div., Net Over, Gross Over, Unit Display, Decimal Place, DZ Regulation Value
・ Sequence Mode…Sequence Mode, Adjust Feeding, At Start NZ Conf., At Start WV Conf., Adjust Feeding Time, AZ Times, Judging Times
External output signalAble to select HI/LO limit comparison mode or final discharge mode depending on setting, Transistor’s open collector output (Emitter = COM terminal); Output is LO when transistor is ON.
At HI/LO limit comparison ModeHi-hi limit, high limit, go, low limit, lo-lo limit, near zero, weight error, stable
At Final Discharge modeSP1, SP2, SP3, COMP, Over/High limit, High/Low limit, near zero, weight alarm or sequence error, stable
External input signalON when shorted to COM terminal by contact (relay, switch) or non-contact (transistor, open collector)
Digital zero, tare subtraction, tare subtraction reset, hold or judgment, feeding or discharging selection, display select, code select/key LOCK, start, stop
Display unitTFT color LCD module (display screen: 71 (W) x 53 (H) mm, 320 x 240 dot
Display value5 digits, Minus sign on most significant digit.
Min. scale division1 to 100 selectable
Decimal pointSelectable decimal place at
Display frequencySelectable from 3, 6, 13, 25 times/sec (system speed 100 times/sec)
Over scaleA/D converter input over: “LOAD”; A/D converter input minus over: “LOAD”; Net weight exceeds preset net weight over: “NET WEIGHT OVER”; Gross weight exceeds preset gross weight over: “GROSS WEIGHT OVER”
Unit displaySelectable from t, kg, g, N. lb, none
Status displayNET: Lights when the net is displayed.
GROSS: Lights when the gross is displayed.
HOLD: Lights in holding.
STAB: Lights at stable-time.
ZT: Lights in zero tracking.
ZALM: Lights when the zero alarm signal is ON.
NZ: Lights in near zero
※1 HH: Lights when the hi-hi limit signal is ON. 
※1※3 HI: Lights when the high limit signal is ON. 
※1 GO: Lights when the preset low limit value <= weight value <= preset high limit value. 
※1※3 LO: Lights when low limit signal is ON. 
※1 LL: Lights when the lo-lo limit signal is ON. 
※2※3 SP1: Lights when the final weight-SP1 >= net weight.
※2※3 SP2: Lights when the final weight-before final >= net weight.
※2※3 SP3: Lights when the final weight-FF >= net weight 
※2※3 COMP: Lights when the underweight signal is ON.
※2 OVER: Lights when the overweight signal is ON. 
※2 UNDER: Lights when the underweight signal is ON.

※1 Displayed only in the HI/LO limit comparison mode.
※2 Displayed only in the DIS.-O/U comparison mode.
※3 Displayed only in the DIS.-H/L comparison mode.

Power supply voltage100 - 240V AC (+10% - 15%) (Free power supply 50/60 Hz)
24V DC (±15%) (Please specify when ordering)
Power consumption18W max.
Operating conditionsTemperature: Working temperature range -10 to +40°C; Storage temperature range -20 to +60°C 
Humidity: 80% RH or less (non-condensing)
External dimensions96 (W) x 96 (H) x 138 (D) [mm] (protruding parts not included)
AC input cord (3m)1
Mini-driver for terminal block connection (when DAC option is installed)1
Jumper cable2
FCN series I/O connector (with cover)1
BCD output connector (when BCO option is installed)1
DeviceNet connector (when DeviceNet option is installed)1
CC-Link connector (when CC-Link option is installed)1
Operation Manual1


BCOBCD parallel data output interface
DAVD/A converter voltage output
DAID/A converter current output
CCLCC-Link interface
ODNDeviceNet interface

Optional accessories

CA372-I/OCable with FCN connector at one-end 3m
CA600-BCDCNVFCN connector 32p-57・36p cabtyre cable 0.3m
CA81-232XminiDIN-D-Sub9p cross cable 1.5m
CAAC2P-B3AC Supply cord 3m
CAAC3P-CEE7/7-B2AC Supply cord (Voltage resistance:250V)2m
CN50FCN series I/O connector (with cover)
CN51BCD output connector
CN55FCN series I/O connector (with diagonal cover)
CN60Circular DIN 8p connector for RS-232C
CN71CC-Link connector
CN80Analog I/O connector terminal
CND01DeviceNet connector
GMP96×96Rubber packing