Bộ hiển thị khối lượng - F701-C

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Bộ hiển thị khối lượng với giá trị hiển thị tích lũy: F701-C
Nhà sản xuất: Unipulse - Nhật Bản.

Tài liệu tham khảo: F701-C weighing indicator.pdf
* Bộ chuyển đổi A/D tốc độ cao và khả năng xử lý số mạnh mẽ 200 lần/giây
* Giá trị tích lũy … được hiển thị trên màn hình 18 kí tự số
* Chức năng cân liên tục thuận tiện cho ứng dụng cân tự động
* Chuẩn giao thức RS-232C có sẵn. Một giao thức tùy chọn có thể lựa chọn từ CC-Link, BCD output, RS-485 hay bộ chuyển đổi D/A .



Excitation voltage10V DC ±5%, Output current; within 120mA (Up to 4 loadcells at 350Ω are parallel-connectable)
Zero adjustment range0 - 2mV/V
Rough adjustment: Digitally controlled via rough adjustment circuit
Fine adjustment: Auto adjusting method via digital processing
Gain adjustment range0.3 - 3.2mV/V
Rough adjustment: Digitally controlled via rough adjustment circuit
Fine adjustment: Auto adjusting method via digital processing
Min. input sensitivity0.3μV / count
AccuracyNon-linearity: within 0.01% FS 
Zero drift: within 0.2μV/°C RTI
Gain drift: within 15 ppm/°C
Analog filterBessel low-pass filter (-12dB/oct.), Selectable from 2, 4, 6, 8 Hz
A/D converterSpeed: 200 times/sec
Resolution: 24 bit (binary)
Setting items- High limit, Low limit, near zero, SP1, SP2, Compensation, over, under, final
- Comparison inhibit time, judging time, complete output time, adjust feeding time, auto zero times, judging times. Auto free fall compensation regulation, analog filter, tare weight
- Weighing function 1, weighing function 2, weighing function 3, sequence mode, function key inhibit, digital filter, motion detect, zero tracking period, zero tracking range
- Balance weight value, capacity, min. scale division, net over, gross over, DZ regulation value, function selection, gravitation acceleration (area number input), gravitation acceleration (acceleration input)
- D/A output mode, D/A zero output weight, D/A full scale, RS-485 I/F, ID number, RS-232C I/F, external function selection, setting value LOCK, restriction on the tare subtraction function
- Input selection, output selection, CC-Link I/F Occupied station & Transmission speed, CC-Link I/F Station No.
- Average weight, maximum weight, minimum weight, population standard deviation, sample standard deviation, number of data (n), latest accumulation date, Maximum-minimum (R), option substrate
- Span calibration, equivalent input calibration, password input, zero calibration
External output signalTransistor’s open collector output (Emitter = COM terminal); Output is LO when transistor is ON. Near zero, SP1, SP2, SP3, under, over, Low limit, high limit, stable, weight alarm or error, go or complete, run or accumulation error
External input signal

ON when shorted to COM terminal by contact (relay, switch) or non contact (TTL-level transistor or open collector output) G/N, digital zero, tare subtraction ON, tare subtraction OFF, hold*, judge*, feed / discharge, start*, stop*, accumulation command*, accumulation clear*

*Signals for selection. Up to 4 can be selected.

  • SIF:
  • 2-wire type serial interface (standard); Interface to link with Unipulse printer or external display
  • 232:
  • RS-232C communication interface (standard): Write (change) / read weight data, various statuses and setting values by commands from a host computer
  • BCO:
  • BCD parallel data output interface (Optional): Parallel interface to transmit weight data to various peripherals
  • 485:
  • RS-485 communication interface (Optional): Allows longer-distance communication than RS-232C. ID numbers are set, and multiple units of F701-C are parallel-connectable.
  • DAC:
  • D/A converter interface (Optional); Interface to convert weight data to current signal and output it.
  • CCL:
  • CC-Link interface (Optional); Links directly to PLC.
Display unitNumerical display (7 digits) with a character height of 10.4 mm by fluorescent display tube, Sub-display; character height 4.0 mm
Display value5 digits, Sign; Minus sign displayed on most significant digit
UnitSelectable from t, kg, g, N, lb, none
Power supply voltage100 - 240V AC (+10% - 15%) (Free power supply 50/60 Hz)
Power consumptionApprox. 15VA
Operating conditionsTemperature: Working temperature range -10 - +40°C; Storage temperature range -20 - +85°C
Humidity: 85% RH or less (non-condensing)
External dimensions144 (W) x 72 (H) x 160 (D) [mm] (protruding parts not included)
WeightApprox. 1.0 g
BCOBCD parallel data output interface
485RS-485 communication interface
DACD/A converter interface
CCLCC-Link interface
Number of mountable options1
AC input cord (nominal rating: 125V) 3m1
FCN series I/O connector (with cover)1
Jumper cable2
Operation Manual1
BCD output connector (when BCD output option is installed)1
RS-485 connector (when RS-485 option is installed)1
D/A converter connector (when D/A converter option is installed)1
CC-Link connector (when CC-Link option is installed)1


BCOBCD parallel data output interface
485RS-485 communication interface
DACD/A converter interface
CCLCC-Link interface

Optional accessories

CAAC2P-B3AC Supply cord 3m
CAAC3P-CEE7/7-B2AC Supply cord (Voltage resistance:250V)2m
CN34D-Sub 9p connector for RS-232
CN50FCN series I/O connector (with cover)
CN55FCN series I/O connector (with diagonal cover)
CN70D/A converter connector
CN71RS-485・CC-Link connector
CN80Analog I/O connector terminal
F720 mounting panelMounting panel for F252 / F280 to F701-C conversion
LB01-XHLithium battery (with XH connector)