Bộ hiển thị khối lượng - F820

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Bộ hiển thị khối lượng High-Spec: F820
Nhà sản xuất: Unipulse - Nhật Bản.

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Analog section
Excitation voltage5 Vdc±5% Output current: within 90mA Ratiometric method
(Up to 6 load cells at 350Ω can be connected in parallel.)
Signal input range-0.5 to 3.0mV/V
Zero adjustment range-0.2 to 2.0mV/V (automatic adjustment by digital computation)
Gain adjustment range0.3 to 3.0mV/V (automatic adjustment by digital computation)
Minimum input sensitivity0.15μV/count
AccuracyNon-linearity:within 0.01%/FS
Zero drift:0.025μV/℃RTI Typ
Gain drift:1ppm/℃ Typ
A/D converterSpeed:1200, 300 times/sec. (selectable)
Resolution: 24bit (binary)
Min. display resolution1/10000
Theoretical calibrationequivalent input calibration (accuracy when theoretical calibration is 
performed at ambient: 1/1,000)
Low-pass filterWhen A/D conversion rate is 1200 times/sec: 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, or 20Hz (selectable)
When A/D conversion rate is 300 times/sec: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5Hz (selectable)
Moving average filter1 to 512 times
Display section
Display unitMain display: numerical display (7-digit) with a character height of 18 mm 
by fluorescent display tube
Code (blend):Character height 8mm, numerical display by 7-segment 
green LED (2-digit)
Weight display5-digits (signs: minus sign on the highest numerical digit)
Display frequency1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 times/sec (selectable)
Scale capacity5-digit numerical values
Minimum scale division/increment1 to 50(selectable)
Unit of measurementNONE, g, kg, t, or lb (selectable)
Decimal place0, 0.0, 0.00, or 0.000 (selectable)
Over scale displayLOAD (A/D converter input over), 
OFL1; (Net weight > Net over set value) , 
OFL2: (Gross weight >Capacity +9 scale divisions), 
OFL3; (Gross weight > Gross over set value)
Center zerodisplay true zero point or the center of each value
Setting section
Setting methodCan edited with using membrane switch. Setting can be performed by external 
devices as well via USB, RS-232C and RS-485 interface and so on.
Setting value memoryParameter, calibration and part of other settings are stored on NOV.RAM 
(non-volatile memory), and all other settings are stored on F.RAM (another 
non-volatile memory).
Setting value protectionOverwrite protection by "LOCK" switch
Setting itemsUpper Limit / Lower Limit / Near Zero / Set Point 1 / Set Point 2 / Compensation / Over / Under / Final / Comparison Inhibit Time / Judging Time / Complete Output Time / Compensation Feeding Time / Auto Free Fall Compensation Regulation / Weighing Function 1 / Weighing Function 2 / Tare Setting / Tare Display / Digital Low Pass Filter / Moving Average Filter / Sample Speed / Motion Detection (Period-Range) / Zero Tracking (Period) / Zero Tracking (Range) / Weighing Function 3 / Key Invalid ・ Lock / Error Output Selection / Password / Bag Clamp Output Time/ Discharging Time / Weighing Start Time / AZ Times / Judging Times / Sequence Mode 1 / Sequence Mode 2 / Extended Function Selection 1 / Extended Function Selection 2 / I/O Input Check / I/O Output Check/ BCD Input Check / BCD Output Check / RS-485 Check / Balance Weight Value / Capacity / Min Scale Division / DZ Regulation Value / Display Selection / Gravitational Acceleration / Net Over / Gross Over / RS-485 I/F Setting / RS-485 Communication Type / RS-485 ID / RS-232C I/F Setting / RS-232C Communication Type / D/A Output Mode / D/A Zero Output Weight / D/A Full Scale Value / BCD Data Update Rate / Zero Calibration / Span Calibration / Equivalent Calibration / Output Monitor Display / Option Display
External signal
External output (16 points)Transistor open collector output.
Isolation : photo coupler, Rated voltage : 30V, Maximum current : 120mA
External intput(22 points)The signal can be outputted by making short-circuit between input and 
common terminal. 
Isolation : photo coupler
USBUSB interface
SIF2-wire serial interface
232RS-232C communication interface (option)
BCOBCD parallel data output interface (option)
DACD/A converter interface (option)
485RS-485 communication interface (option)
There is a option board slot only for RS-232C. Another option interface (only one option) can be installed as well.
General performance
Operating voltageAC100 to 240V(+10% -15%)[50/60Hz]
Rush current2A, 1msec:AC100V average load condition (cold start at room temperature)
4A, 1msec:AC200V average load condition (cold start at room temperature)
Power consumptionapprox.18W
Operating conditionsOperation temperature range:-10 to 40℃ 
Storage temperature range:-20 to +85℃
Humidity: 85%RH or less (non-condensing)
Dimension192(W)×96(H)×145(D)mm (Projections excluded)
Panel cutout size: 186(W)×92(H)mm
Weightapprox. 1.7kg
AC power cable (voltage resistance:125 Vac ) (2m) ×1
Load cell connector (JR connector) ×1
Connector rubber for load cells ×1
57 series connector for external input/output ×1
Mini screwdriver   ×1
Operation manual  ×1
BCD output connector (when BCO option is installed) ×1
D/A converter connector (when DAC option is installed)  ×1
RS-485 connector (when 485 option is installed)  ×1
Optional accessories
CAAC3P-P2AC power cable 2m
CAAC3P-CEE7/7-P1.5AC power cable (voltage resistance: 250 Vac) 1.5m
CN3P-2P3P-2P converter plug for AC input cord
CA4131(6-wired)cable with JR connector at one end 3m
CA4230JR-PRC (6-wired)conversion relay cable 0.3m
CA4311JR-PRC (6-wired)conversion relay cable (4-wired to 6-wired)(for 520A use)1m
CN10Loadcell connector (JR connector)
CN21BCD output connector
CN2257 series 50p connector for external input/output
CN34D-Sub 9p connector for RS-232C
CN70D/A converter connector