9 advantages of a Modula VLM

Do you need more space? Do you want to improve your processes? Do you want to monitor your stock? CHOOSE A VERTICAL SOLUTION!

02 Oct 2021
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9 advantages of a Modula VLM

Article by Modula

By choosing a Modula automated storage system. You can improve your logistics while at the same time speeding up productivity and improving flexibility.

Discover all the advantages of our technology for automated warehouse management. Modula storage systems enable the automation of inbound and outbound logistics, streamlining and guaranteeing more precise inventory control.

Fully automatic handling of loads, space savings, and increased productivity are only some of the many advantages provided by Modula solutions for the optimization of storage systems.


Space optimization is one of the main advantages of a vertical storage system. By using the available vertical space to store goods. It is possible to decrease the footprint by up to 90%, thus storing larger quantities of goods in less space and achieving more efficient picking and placing operations.

Vertical storage systems can be up to 16 meters high and store finished/semi-finished products, spare parts, and materials of any kind in a safe and organized manner. The storage footprint is significantly smaller compared to that of traditional storage systems and the available surface area is much larger.

The vertical configuration, suitable for any industrial environment, is obtained by means of a steel structure containing a series of trays that are moved from the different levels to the picking and placing bays by a central lift.


Choosing a storage solution based on a vertical storage system ensures significant time savings. The stored goods are easily accessible and personnel no longer need to move around the warehouse. In fact, the required items are picked and placed from the same position.

Searching for an item takes much less time since the goods stored in the Modula storage system are automatically delivered to the bay according to the "goods to person" concept. The operating principle is simple, which allows personnel to be easily substituted.

In addition, Modula storage systems are supplied with their own WMS software. So that information on the status of inventory, as well as the exact location of goods are always available.


The solutions developed by Modula are designed not only to save space but also to track goods, keep them safe and facilitate picking operations.

Modula automatic vertical storage systems safeguard all goods against theft and damage. Access to the items stored in a vertical storage system is allowed exclusively to authorized personnel through password login or advanced recognition systems (card readers or RFID).

This enables continuous monitoring of goods and operators. Each individual access is recorded and can be limited to specific trays to increase security and prevent unauthorized operations.


Modula storage systems are designed to be safe and to always meet the customer's needs. The ergonomics of the vertical storage system enable operators to receive all items at a comfortable height, significantly reducing the risk of occupational injuries.

Modula vertical storage systems are equipped with physical and photoelectric barriers to guarantee the highest safety standards: Modula is TUV GS certified, which confirms compliance with the strictest safety standards enforced in Europe.

The structure of the storage system enables the operator to access all items stored in the trays, preventing potentially dangerous situations like those related to the use of ladders and forklifts.

Thanks to the use of bays at a suitable height for picking and placing operations, Modula avoids the need for the operator to bend down to lift heavy items and improves workplace ergonomics.

It represents a remarkable step forward in terms of working conditions because it drastically reduces the negative consequences of exhausting tasks.

To make the vertical storage system even more ergonomic, it is possible to equip the Modula systems with the sliding version of the Copilot console. The console can be easily slid along the bay enabling the user to interface with the system while carrying out picking or placing operations.

The structure of the Modula vertical storage system is completely closed and optionally equipped with an automatic bay door which helps prevent humidity and dust from damaging the stored goods.


By choosing a Modula automated storage system. You can improve your logistics while at the same time speeding up productivity and flexibility.

Learn about all the advantages of our technology for warehouse automation: Modula storage systems enable the automation of inbound and outbound logistics of an extremely wide range of products, streamlining and guaranteeing more precise inventory control.


The solutions delivered by Modula facilitate efficient inventory management and significantly reduce errors. Combined with the Modula WMS software, the storage system enables the monitoring of all incoming and outgoing goods, continuous control of the stock situation, and improved inventory management.

Modula provides real-time information regarding inventory, which is critical to optimize order preparation and production flow logistics.

After each picking or placing operation, the personnel in charge can obtain data about the virtual situation of inventory and compare it with the actual stock data, which facilitates information alignment.

Simple and intuitive visual aids are provided to ensure precise inventory management and reduce errors. With these devices, any authorized operator, even without specific skills, can easily identify the products that must be picked from or placed in the automatic storage system.


Each Modula Lift vertical storage system guarantees a gross capacity of 90,000 kg regardless of the width and depth of the trays used.

Thanks to the reinforced steel toothed belt drive and the lift guide system with 16 HDPE wheels. It is possible to arrange partially unbalanced loads on the trays without affecting the smooth operation of the storage system. That is true for all Modula trays up to 4,100 mm wide, including the OneTon model, which guarantees a tray capacity of up to 990 kg, the maximum capacity in the entire range.


Modula also provides its own WMS, the warehouse management software designed to optimize the performance of vertical storage systems, which is also suitable for use as an independent tool in traditional warehouses with areas where the goods are handled manually.

Modula’s WMS:
• improves neatness, efficiency, and accuracy
• automates many procedures and reduces printed media
• streamlines procedures and improves process control
• speeds up order processing
• enables the full monitoring of order preparation procedures.

Configurable and customizable, the Modula WMS is available in different packages with different types of licenses and different software modules to meet the most varied demands. The software includes a tool to design the tray layout and interfaces with ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Baan, Navision, and many others.

Discover all the advanced features of Modula products and contact us for more information. Our team of professionals is available to illustrate the many possible custom configurations of the vertical storage system and explain the main functions of Modula’s WMS.


Ease of use is one of the advantages guaranteed by the warehouse management software integrated into the Modula systems.

Vertical storage systems are equipped with a touch screen operator interface (Copilot) designed for industrial environments, which allows all machine functions to be accessed in a simple and intuitive way. The Copilot touch screen is installed at an ergonomic height in the picking and placing bay.

The position is selected in such a way as to prevent any interference between the operators and the photoelectric safety barriers in the event that the control panels are located in an area other than the bay. It has a color graphic interface with highly intuitive icons that do not require any special training for those using it on a daily basis.


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