Temas booth at Factory Network Business Conference 2022 (FBC 2022)

Let's take a look at some impressive moments of Temas at FBC 2022!

21 Sep 2022
Temas booth at Factory Network Business Conference 2022 (FBC 2022)

FBC 2022 Factory Network Business Conference is a business matching event for manufactures and manufacturing-related companies to display their products or business needs in order to find new suppliers, customers or partners. Held from August 24-26 with more than 180 exhibition booths and  5000 visitors, FBC 2022 helped manufactures companies to connect with each other effectively. 

Contributing at FBC 2022, Temas Engineering Joint Stock Company displayed products that play an important role in the industrial automation such as collaborative robots, desktop robots, servo presses, force measuring devices, traceability equipment, etc. 

Temas booth at FBC in the center of the fair 

Fixed-mount code scanner MCR-F1000 

Fixed-mount code scanner MCR-F1000 from Mars Tohken, featured with varifocal system, autofocus, and 3x zoom, suitable for reading 1D, 2D Code, engraved, printed barcodes...    


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