Technical Information

Industrial printers that are easy to use, accurate and efficient

The SATO CL4NX printer has remarkable stand-alone printing capabilities. Users can connect this printer with peripheral devices such as barcode scanners, keypads, etc for PC-less printing which saves cost and space.

The printer can be installed stand-kit and certified scanner (sold separately) to check 1D & 2D codes. Defective labels prints will be void marked on.

Users can easily connect this printer because SATO provides multiple interfaces such as serial, parallel, LAN, USB and WLAN.

The printhead check function can check before each print. UHF and HF RFID options support a wide range of tags and include an adjustable antenna system for optimal encoding.

Smart printer with high durability and environmental friendliness

The printer has a die-cast aluminum frame, and the printing mechanism is stable and durable to increase the durability of the machine. Metal housings are placed on both the front and side panels, suitable for industrial environments. The printer can use coreless printing rolls, which simplifies the installation and printing process, reduces waste generated from traditional label production, which makes this printer being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The CL4NX also has a very compact, bi-fold folding cover, allows compact design and reduces workspace requirements. Built-in printhead, easy tool-free replacement of print cores saves time and simplifies maintenance.

The LED indicators and color display help inform the user of the printer's status. We also provide instructional videos to assist with troubleshooting errors during use and to guide printer maintenance.

Industries that can apply CL4NX industrial printers 

With the ability to meet a variety of printing needs, the SATO CL4NX printer can be used to print labels and labels for products in many industries such as retail (label printing, price label printing, etc), healthcare (printing sample bag labels, blood bag labels, etc), food service and distribution (printing product labels, ingredients labels, expiry date labels, bottle labels, etc), hospitality, education, travel,…

Other options with this printer: Cutter, Dispenser, Dispenser with rewinder, Linerless cutter, Real-time clock (RTC), WLAN, UHF RFID, HF RFID

Printing Specification
Printing Method Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer
Print Mode Continuous, Tear-off, Cutter, Dispenser, Linerless
Print Resolution

8 dots/mm (203 dpi)

12 dots/mm (305 dpi) 24 dots/mm (609 dpi)
Print Speed

14 ips (355 mm/sec)

14 ips (355 mm/sec)

6 ips (152 mm/sec)
Print Area  Width, mm (inch)  104mm (4.09") 
Length, mm (inch)  2500mm (98.42") 1500mm (59.05") 400mm (15.75")
Processor Dual CPU & Dual OS: CPU1: 800MHz for Linux OS, CPU2: 800MHz for ITRON OS 
Printer Memory CPU1: 2GB ROM, 256MB RAM, CPU2: 4MB ROM, 64MB RAM