Technical Information

Model USLC-50KN
Rated capacity 50kN
Rated output Approx. 2mV/V
Safe overload 150%R.C.
Zero balance ±10%R.O.
Non-linearity 0.3% or less R.O.
Hysteresis     0.3% or less R.O.
Repeatability     0.1% or less R.O.
Compensated temperature range -10 to +60℃
Safe temperature range -20 to +70℃
Temperature effect on zero 0.5%R.O/10℃ or below
Temperature effect on span 0.5%R.O/10℃ or below
Input resistance Approx. 700Ω
Output resistance Approx. 700Ω
Recommended excitation voltage 5V
Maximum excitation voltage 10V
Insulation resistance (DC50V) 1000 MΩ or more
Cable φ2 4-conductor fluorine resin cable (3m) Cable end: 5 wires
Load cell material Stainless steel
Deflection at rated 0.08 mm
Natural frequency 39kHz
Weight 40g