Technical Information

Model JR3303 JR3403 JR3304 JR3404
Column Type Double
Number of Axes 3 Axes Synchronous Control 4 Axes Synchronous Control
Operating Range X・Y Axes (mm) 300 x 320 400 x 400 300 x 320 400 x 400
Z Axis (mm) 100 150 100 150
R Axis (°) - ±360
Maximum Portable Load (kg) Workpiece 14
Tool 5
Maximum Speed*1 X Axis (mm/sec) 900
Y Axis (mm/sec) 800
Z Axis (mm/sec) 400
R Axis (°/sec) - 900
Maximum Speed*1 X・Y・Z Combined Speed (mm/sec) 850
Acceptable Moment of Inertia (kg・cm2) - 90
Robot Repeatability*2 X,Y,Z Axis (mm) ±0.007 ±0.01
R Axis(°) - ±0.008
External Dimensions W x D x H (mm)
(excluding cables and protrusions)
628 x 608 x 657 651 x 668 x 715 628 x 608 x 769 651 x 668 x 844
Open Height (mm) 200 208 275 300
Robot Weight (kg) 42 51 44 55

*1 Maximum speed can vary depending upon conditions.
*2 Repeatability was measured at a constant temperature and does not represent a guarantee of absolute precision.

Drive Method 5 phase pulse motor drive (encoder added as an option)
Control Method PTP (Point to Point) control, CP (Continuous Path) control
Interpolation 3-dimensional linear and arc interpolation
Teaching Method Simple and versatile teaching using our original software
Teaching System Online teaching from your PC using our dedicated software
Screen Display Options Measurement Units mm/inch
Languages English・German・Japanese・Simplified Chinese・Traditional Chinese
Program Capacity 999 programs
Data Capacity*3 Up to 32,000 Points
Simple PLC Function Up to 100 programs, with up to 1,000 steps/program
Input / Output*4
I/O-SYS 16 Inputs, 16 Outputs
I/O-1 8 Inputs, 8 Outputs (including 4 relay outputs)
For connection to interlocking devices such as area sensors, etc.
Controls up to 2 external motors
CC-Link, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, CANopen
COM RS232C 3ch (for external devices, COM commands)

For USB memory connector

  • save and readout teaching and customizing data
  • back up system software
LAN For PoE Industrial Hub connection
Camera Dispensing Specifications Attachments*5 Camera set, CCTV Lens set & Closeup Ring set, Lighting set, Laser Displacement Sensor set, PoE Industrial Hub, Needle Adjuster (3-Axes Type or 4-Axes Type), Dispenser Base Unit
Power Source AC100-120V/AC200-240V ±10% (Single Phase)
Power Consumption 280W
Temperature 0-40℃
Relative Humidity 35-85% (Without condensation)
Elevation up to 1,000m

*3 Point data capacity reduces as the total function data setting/point job data/sequencer data increases, due the shared data storage area.
*4 Some I/O are assigned in advance at the factory for system configuration purposes.
*5 We ask that customers please prepare the PC (and connecting cable) and dispenser at their end.

  • Optional specifications are available only when placing your order; no post-order modifications.
  • Specifications may change without prior notice to improve product quality.