Technical Information

Model JR3303F    JR3403F
Number of Axes / Column Type 3 Axes / Double
Drive Motor 5 Phase Feedback Type Stepping Motor
Brake Attached to the Z mechanism motor
Maximum Portable Load Workpiece (kg) 20
Tool (kg) 15
Operating Range X Axis [mm] 300 400
Y Axis [mm] 320
Z Axis [mm] 150
Maximum Speed/Payload*1
<PTP Movement>
Workpiece Up to 5kg 1000
Up to 10kg 800
Up to 20kg 600
Tool Up to 1kg 900
Up to 5kg 800
Up to 10kg 600
Up to 15kg 500
Tool Up to 5kg 400
Up to 10kg 300
Up to 15kg 200
Maximum Speed*1
<CP Movement>
X・Y・Z Combined Speed
Repeatability*2 X,Y,Z Axes
Open Height [mm]*3 300
External Dimensions W×D×H[mm]*4 560×535×807 615×631×807

*1 Maximum speed can vary depending upon conditions.
*2 Repeatability was measured at a constant temperature and does not represent a guarantee of absolute precision.
*3 The open height for this model is fixed. Options are unavailable.
*4 Excluding protrusions

  • Specifications may be modified without prior notice to improve product quality.